EARIE is an international
non-profit association
managed by EIASM

EARIE Membership


Academics, practitioners, and PhD students who are interested in current research and information covering the broad spectrum of industrial economics & industrial organization are invited to join the European Association for Research in Industrial Economics (EARIE).

EARIE Members benefit from:

  • the opportunity to take part in their professional association and field(s) of research by submitting papers to and attending EARIE Annual Conferences in a variety of interesting European locations;
  • belonging to an international network of academic and professional peers with a common interest in this specialized and progressive field;
  • receiving and posting announcements of interest to the EARIE community, having ready access to the EARIE Online JobMarket (for job seekers and employers alike), among other EARIE-related activities;
  • voting on decisions regarding their Association at the annual General Assembly, standing for election to the Executive Committee (or nominating suitable potential candidates), participating in the online election process;
  • a substantial reduction on optional personal subscriptions to the International Journal of Industrial Organization (IJIO).

ATTENTION! All delegates participating in the EARIE Annual Conference are expected to be current members. Note that the conference registration fee includes EARIE membership for the following calendar year only – so if you missed the last conference, don't forget to renew online...

Click here to apply for EARIE membership or renew online!


For many years, the EARIE membership fee for a given calendar year included a personal annual subscription to the International Journal of Industrial Organization (IJIO). In response to the growing demand by members for lower annual dues, the EARIE membership fee was reduced substantially; however, the personal subscription to the journal is therefore no longer included as part of the membership package (but is offered separately by the publisher at a special rate for EARIE member subscribers).

  • As of 2014, the annual EARIE membership fee is €40 per calendar year (January 1 – December 31) regardless of when you join or renew. Please use the link above to access the online EARIE membership application form (both for new memberships and for renewals). The preferred method is direct online payment by credit card (details provided on the form). Your annual membership is activated once the payment has been processed – an electronic EARIE membership card and an invoice / payment receipt are automatically sent to your e-mail address (as per your EARIE / EIASM profile) by way of confirmation.
  • As of 2009, an individual subscription to IJIO is optional for EARIE members and is available at a special price – member subscriptions to be applied for directly via the publisher's website, Elsevier, along with valid proof of membership (e.g., the number appearing on your electronic EARIE membership card). In addition to the printed version of the current volume of IJIO, the EARIE member subscription includes online access to all material published in the journal since 1995.
  • As of September 1, 2012, EARIE has a Belgian VAT / GST number: # BE 0423.828.632. Note that you can have a VAT / GST number automatically appear on system-generated invoices sent to you by completing this field in your EARIE / EIASM profile. Visit the EIASM home page at www.eiasm.org and use the red  My Profile  button (top right corner) to consult / change my profile as you wish.

??? For answers to your questions or for more information about EARIE, please send an e-mail request to: earie@eiasm.org. For personal assistance, do not hesitate to Contact EARIE...