EARIE is an international
non-profit association
managed by EIASM

EARIE Annual Conferences


45th EARIE Annual Conference - Athens, Greece | 31 August–2 September 2018
Hosts: Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) & Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (IOBE)
Scientific Committee Chair: Paul Heidhues | Organizing Committee Chair: Nikos Vettas

44th EARIE Annual Conference - Maastricht, Netherlands | 31 August–2 September 2017
http://www.earie2017.org/ | http://earie2017.earie.org/
Host: Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (MUSBE)
Scientific Committee Chair: Volker Nocke | Organizing Committee Chair: Martin Carree

43rd EARIE Annual Conference - Lisbon, Portugal | 26-28 August 2016
Host: Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE)
Scientific Committee Chair: Alessandro Gavazza | Organizing Committee Chair: Steffen Hoernig

42nd EARIE Annual Conference - Munich, Germany | 28-30 August 2015
http://www.earie2015.org/ | http://earie2015.earie.org
Host: LMU Munich (ISTO)
Scientific Committee Chair: Michelle Sovinsky | Organizing Committee Chair: Tobias Kretschmer

41st EARIE Annual Conference - Milan, Italy | 29-31 August 2014
http://www.earie2014.org/ | http://earie2014.earie.org
Host: Bocconi University
Scientific Committee Chair: Heski Bar-Isaac | Organizing Committee Chair: Michele Polo

40th EARIE Annual Conference - Évora, Portugal | 30 August–1 September 2013
http://www.earie2013.org/ | http://earie2013.earie.org
Host: University of Évora CEFAGE-UE
Scientific Committee Chair: Tommaso Valletti | Organizing Committee Chair: Cesaltina Pires

39th EARIE Annual Conference - Rome, Italy | 2-4 September 2012
Hosts: LUISS Guido Carli & Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata
Scientific Committee Chair: Yossi Spiegel | Organizing Committee Chair: Tommaso Valletti

38th EARIE Annual Conference - Stockholm, Sweden | 1-3 September 2011
Hosts: Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) & Stockholm School of Economics (SSE)
Scientific Chair: Martin Peitz | Organizing Committee Chair: Marcus Asplund
http://www.earie2011.org/  [website no longer available]

37th EARIE Annual Conference - Istanbul, Turkey | 2-4 September 2010
Host: Sabanci University, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences / Venue: Grand Hyatt Regency
Scientific Committee Chair: Otto Toivanen | Organizing Committee Chair: Izak Atiyas 
http://www.earie2010.org/  [website no longer available]

36th EARIE Annual Conference - Ljubljana, Slovenia | 3-5 September 2009
Host: Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana
Scientific Committee Chair: Luís M. B. Cabral | Organizing Committee Chair: Jo┼że Damian 
http://www.earie2009.org/  [website no longer available]

35th EARIE Annual Conference - Toulouse, France | 4-6 September 2008
EARIE 2008 Programme (PDF) 
Host: Toulouse School of Economics (TSE)

34th EARIE Annual Conference - Valencia, Spain | 6-9 September 2007
Host: University of Valencia
http://www.uv.es/earie07/  [website no longer available]

33rd EARIE Annual Conference - Amsterdam, Netherlands | 25-27 August 2006
Host: The University of Amsterdam
http://www.encore.nl/earie2006  [website no longer available]

32nd EARIE Annual Conference - Porto, Portugal | 1-4 September 2005
Host: Faculty of Economics, University of Porto

31st EARIE Annual Conference - Berlin, Germany / 2-5 September 2004
Host: WZB Berlin and Humboldt University Berlin
http://www.diw.de/earie2004  [website no longer available]

30th EARIE Annual Conference - Helsinki, Finland | 24-26 August 2003
Host: The Helsinki School of Economics

29th EARIE Annual Conference - Madrid, Spain | 5-8 September 2002
Host: University Carlos III Madrid

28th EARIE Annual Conference - Dublin, Ireland | 30 August–2 September 2001
Host: Trinity College Dublin

27th EARIE Annual Conference - Lausanne, Switzerland | 7-10 September 2000
Host: University of Lausanne

26th EARIE Annual Conference - Torino, Italy | 4-7 September 1999
Host: University of Turin

25th EARIE Annual Conference - Copenhagen, Denmark | 27-30 August 1998
Hosts: Centre for Industrial Economics & Institute of Economics & University of Copenhagen

24th EARIE Annual Conference - Leuven, Belgium | 31 August–3 September 1997
Host: Catholic University of Leuven (UCL)

23rd EARIE Annual Conference - Vienna, Austria | 7-10 September 1996
Host: Austrian Institute of Economic Research

22nd EARIE Annual Conference - Juan les Pins, France | 3-6 September 1995
Host: University of Nice Sofia-Antipolis

21st EARIE Annual Conference - Chania (Crete), Greece | 4-6 September 1994
Hosts: Athens University of Economics and Business & Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania

20th EARIE Annual Conference - Tel Aviv, Israel | 4-7 September 1993
Hosts: The Eitan Berglas School of Economics & The Leon Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration

19th EARIE Annual Conference - Stuttgart, Germany | 4-6 September 1992
Host: University Hohenheim

18th EARIE Annual Conference - Ferrara, Italy | 1-3 September 1991
Hosts: University of Ferrara & University of Bologna

17th EARIE Annual Conference - Lisbon, Portugal | 2-4 September 1990
Host: The Catholic University of Portugal (CUP)

16th EARIE Annual Conference - Budapest, Hungary | 30 August–1 September 1989
Host: Karl Marx University of Economics

15th EARIE Annual Conference - Rotterdam, Netherlands | 31 August–2 September 1988
Host: Group for Research and Advice in Strategic Behaviour and Industrial Policy (GRASP), Erasmus University Rotterdam

14th EARIE Annual Conference - Madrid, Spain | 30 August–1 September 1987
Host: Fundación Empresa Pública

13th EARIE Annual Conference - West Berlin, Germany | 24-26 August 1986
Hosts: DIW Berlin & TU Berlin

12th EARIE Annual Conference - Cambridge, UK | 11-13 September 1985
Host: University of Cambridge

11th EARIE Annual Conference - Fontainebleau, France | 29-31 August 1984

10th EARIE Annual Conference - Bergen, Norway | 23-25 August 1983
Host: Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration

9th EARIE Annual Conference - Leuven, Belgium | 8-10 September 1982
Host: Catholic University of Leuven (UCL)